Friday 3 November 2023

Cheminformatics position at Sosei Heptares, and other updates

I don't seem to find/make time for blogging these days, so here's a three-in-one post. First off, congratulations to Morgan Thomas, aka Dr Thomas, for passing his PhD viva on on "Improving de novo molecular generation for structure-based drug design". Morgan started his PhD around the same time I joined Sosei Heptares, and it has been a pleasure to co-supervise him. The PhD was at the University of Cambridge (Andreas Bender) and sponsored by Sosei Heptares (Chris de Graaf, myself, and also Rob Smith for a period). We're still writing up a few final pieces of work, so keep an eye out. In the meanwhile, Morgan has moved on to the next stage of his career and joined the group of Gianni De Fabritiis at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona.

Second, I want to mention the recent Special Issue of Current Opinion in Structural Biology on AI Methodologies in Structural Biology, which I co-edited alongside Chris de Graaf and Andreas Bender. Here's a link to the overview, but all credit to the authors for their coverage of the current state-of-the-art in the field.

And finally, we have an opening for a cheminformatician at Sosei Heptares - apply, tell your friends, etc. The details are all at that link. This is based in Cambridge, UK. We have no specific grade in mind - you could be just finishing your PhD, or be much more experienced. If you have any questions, e.g. you would like to apply but are not sure if you meet the requirements, just email me at The closing date is 19th Jan 2023, but I'd recommend applying now if interested.

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