Saturday 21 May 2016

Open Babel presentation at MIOSS 2016

Thanks again to George Papadatos, Mark Forster, et al for the invitation to present at the 2016 reboot of MIOSS (Molecular Informatics in Open Source Software). You may remember the earlier one back in 2011.

I gave a presentation on the Open Babel project. While I have been largely quiescent over the past 2 years, there has been much happening besides. Rather than cover features, I tried to present some interesting stats or views of the overall project. For example, the background of some of the current developers, which file formats were recently added, and so forth. A few of my slides discuss industry involvement in the project - this is because the MIOSS workshop is 50% industry and 50% open source developers.

For info on other presentations from the meeting, see the Lanyrd page (I'll update here when the rest of the talks become available) or search #MIOSS2016 on Twitter.