Sunday, 11 October 2020

Finding matched pairs of a peptide at the RDKit UGM

The recent RDKit UGM was a masterclass in how to organise a conference virtually, successfully replicating at least some of the in-person experience. This was due to the extensive use of Discord (best known as a chat server for gamerz) to manage questions, answers, discussion and networking, but also the technical support for Discord (thanks to Floriane Montanari) and Zoom (thanks to Christiane from Knime). With previous virtual meetings I have attended, the meeting only had an existence while someone was speaking; here discussions filled the interims between, and indeed the duration of, the talks.

I contributed a lightning talk to the meeting entitled "An efficient algorithm to find matched pairs of a peptide". Somehow I managed to give a talk on peptides without showing any peptide structures, which I'll blame on the 5 minute time limit and not on a perverse sense of humour.

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