Sunday, 17 December 2017

Open Babel in a snap II

This is a quick update on a previous post, where I mentioned that I had made Open Babel available as a snap. That snap is the released version, 2.4.1. I have now put in place a semi-automated procedure that builds a snap of the development version. You can only have one snap version installed at a time, but you can switch between them.

To install the stable version use:
sudo snap install openbabel

To install the development version use:
sudo snap install openbabel --channel=edge

You can switch between them with:
sudo snap refresh openbabel --channel=stable # or edge

To see which you have installed, use "snap list", or run "openbabel.obabel" and look at the version number and date.

Notes: I'm using Launchpad to do this. Rather than base it directly off the openbabel master (which would require me to check-in snapcraft specific files), I've set it up so that it runs off a branch (named "snaps") in my own repo. Every so often, I merge master into this and a new snap will be created. To fully automate it, I will need to have a cronjob to do that merge automatically.

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