Thursday, 25 July 2013

So shall we be social?

In case you are upset that I ignore your LinkedIn requests, don't follow you back on G+, do not RT your Ts, won't answer your Open Babel emails, mark your blog comments as spam, throw your letters into the recycling bin, and never buy you flowers, let me explain:

  • If we have never met in person, I will ignore your LinkedIn request. I use LinkedIn to remember the names/faces/bios of people I've met.
  • I only follow people with public posts on Google Plus. Non-public posts cannot be reshared publicly, so it's just a pain to follow people who only generate content for Google.
  • I don't log into Twitter very often.
  • Anyone who emails me personally (even if I know you) with questions about Open Babel is politely requested to resend to the mailing list. Open Babel has a lot of users and I don't scale.
  • If I spammed your blog comment by mistake, get in touch. Like, you know, leaving a non-spammy comment below.
  • Any communications from the ACS marked Important, Very Important, Your Eyes Only, This Week Only, or Find-a-Member-and-Get-a-Periodic-Table-Thing will automatically be recycled without opening.

None of these social media requests upset me though - don't get me wrong. I'm just trying to keep my digital life manageable.

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