Sunday, 17 February 2013

A new home for Linux4Chemistry?

Are you interested in taking over the stewardship of the Linux4Chemistry website? This website was setup by Nikodem Kuznik in 2001 to promote the usage of Linux for chemistry by listing chemistry software available for Linux, both commercial, free, and open source. In 2005 I took over its maintenance, moved it to its present location and made some changes including the awesome logo. I am currently on the lookout for someone interested and willing to take over the running of this site. Update (25/02/2103): A new home has been found.

Why am I looking for someone new? Well, I think I am no longer the right person to maintain this, as the goals I wished to achieve have already been met. To me the idea of promoting Linux as a platform for chemistry software today seems obsolete when almost all chemistry software vendors target Linux at a minimum. Every docking program is on Linux, every QM package runs on Linux, etc.

In taking over the website I also had the goal of clarifying the distinction between Open Source software and software available for free. To this end, I added license information to all of the software, and made it possible to filter the results by license type (I was very proud of my tongue-in-cheek logo for Shareware software). I think that today more people are aware of this distinction and in any case, I'm not sure that L4C is really playing a role here.

It is also true that while at the time my desktop machine was running Linux (Debian Sarge I think), since then I do most of my work on Windows but use a VM for Linux. And it's harder to maintain something which is outside my day-to-day usage.

So I'm looking for someone to bring a new vision to Linux4Chemistry and shake it up a bit. If you are this person, get in touch.

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