Thursday, 8 November 2012

Plotting accesses on the axis Part III

Following on from Parts I and II, this is the last in a series of posts exploring how journal access statistics provided by Open Access journals such as Journal of Cheminformatics give an insight into relative impact of papers.

It's now over a year since the Blue Obelisk and Open Babel papers were published so let's look at the accesses over that period: ...close to straight lines with a defined slope.

And here's an update of the view over the first month, this time including the Universal SMILES paper: seems like the accesses to this paper mirror almost exactly those of the Blue Obelisk paper.

In conclusion, it would be nice if journals provided these sorts of graphs, or if some third-party website (e.g. one of altmetrics ones) did it. All of the data is on the website; it just needs to be collated as I've done here.

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Geoff Hutchison said...

I agree about making these graphs available. But it'd also be very interesting if other journals made this available. I know ACS journals track this, because I sometimes receive e-mails about "top most accessed JACS articles," etc.

I'd love to see a straight-up comparison of articles in different journals. How true is "impact factor" and perception? :-)