Tuesday, 18 January 2011

PMR Hackfest - Kinect the molecules

Two days + some smart hackers + two Kinects + one idiot waving his hands = ...

Credits: Ben O'Steen was our Kinect guru, and Dan Hagon and Sam Adams hacked support into Jmol with some pointers from Jmol devs.

Myself and Jens Thomas were working on Avogadro support but didn't make it happen in the timeframe. Marcus Hanwell is on the case though so hopefully it'll be coming soon to a computer near you.

Thanks again to Peter for the invite.


Egon Willighagen said...

To all involved: nice work!

Igor said...

Noel, awesome!

Would be great to see a larger video
where we can see more - how you rotate
the molecule with your bare hands :)

Noel O'Boyle said...

@Igor, I am currently accepting donations to purchase a Kinect. I will be happy to make a video after this...:-)

Noel O'Boyle said...

...a Kinect is now on the way...!