Monday, 7 September 2009

Moving to pastures new, but still in the same field

University College CorkFriday was my last day at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC). I've been a postdoc there for the last three years working on the GOLD protein-ligand docking software, specifically on scoring function improvements for virtual screening. It has been a great learning experience, and I've enjoyed working there a lot.

Recently I was awarded my first grant, a career development fellowship from an Irish funding agency, the Health Research Board. From today I will be an HRB Postdoctoral Fellow based in University College Cork (UCC) working on pharmacophore software based on OpenBabel.

I am very grateful to the HRB for giving me to chance to do this, and I'm really looking forward to getting started on this project. It's early days yet, but I am very much interested in collaborations with experimental drug design groups especially those working in the absence of protein structural data (for example, GPCRs). Feel free to drop me an email at

Image credit: Kman999


Marcus D. Hanwell said...

Congratulations. I hope the move has gone/goes well, and the new post leads to some rewarding results.

Karol said...


Unknown said...

Congrats on getting a fellowship - I'll keep an eye on OpenBabel developments!

Igor said...

Congratulations and best of luck, Noel!