Monday, 17 August 2009

A cheminformatics journal by any other name...

Over at Wiley, QSAR and Combinational Science is retiring to make way for Molecular Informatics from 2010. The website is
The journal's scope includes but is not limited to the fields of drug discovery and chemical biology, protein and nucleic acid engineering and design, the design of nanomolecular structures, strategies for modeling of macromolecular assemblies, molecular networks and systems, pharmaco- and chemogenomics, computer-assisted screening strategies, as well as novel technologies for the de novo design of biologically active molecules. As a unique feature Molecular Informatics will publish so-called "Methods Corner" review-type articles which will feature important technological concepts and advances within the scope of the journal.

Apparently there's an "open access" option but I cannot find any details.


Egon Willighagen said...

More importantly, does the journal allow me to keep copyright? Just Open Access is not enough for me, I need to keep copyright.

Chris Leonard said...

Egon - you may be interested in this then,

Egon Willighagen said...

Hi Chris,

I know the journal, and plan to publish there; Christoph Steinbeck is a good friend in mine.

I also blogged about it, with a few critical notes where I think JChemInf should have done better from the start:

Anonymous said...

"Apparently there's an "open access" option but I cannot find any details"

looks like this applies to work paid by sponsors that have that requirement (NIH, WT, HHMI; or if you pay for Wiley's lost revenue ("OnlineOpen option"

"does the journal allow me to keep copyright"

dream on: "Authors must send or fax the completed and signed Copyright Transfer Agreement to the respective Editor after manuscript submission" (