Wednesday, 25 June 2008

ANN: cinfony 0.2 - the "easy to install" version

A new version of cinfony is now available. The good news is that it now much easier to install for Windows users.

All you need now is to have Python and Java, download the CDK and the RDKit, edit a configuration file, and away you go using OpenBabel, the RDKit and the CDK from Python. The full instructions are here.

I've updated some of the docstrings, but documentation is still sparse and the Pybel documentation is still the best guide, as linked to on the cinfony web site.

Here's an example of what's possible with cinfony. Suppose you want to convert a SMILES string to 3D coordinates with OpenBabel, create a 2D depiction of that molecule with the RDKit, calculate descriptors with the CDK, and write out an SDF file containing the descriptor values and the 3D coordinates.
from cinfony import rdkit, cdk, pybel
mol = pybel.readstring("smi", "CCC=O")
descs = cdk.Molecule(mol).calcdesc()
mol.write("sdf", filename="aldehyde.sdf")
This new version of cinfony also includes Jybel, so that you can now access both the CDK and OpenBabel from Jython, as well as from CPython.

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