Wednesday, 26 March 2008

MadMol - Chemistry-aware code

There are definitely better things you can do with the functional group fingerprint (FP4) of OpenBabel, but instead, I've created MadMol. Basically, give MadMol a SMILES string such as CC(=O)CCl and it will tell you all you ever wanted to know about that molecule:
That there's a Primary_carbon. Isn't that a Alkylchloride? Wake up and smell the Ketone, cause that's what it is. Most people wouldn't realise this is a C_ONS_bond. It's a 1,3-Tautomerizable (or your money back). I don't believe it, it's a Rotatable_bond! Wake up and smell the CH-acidic, cause that's what it is.

And here's the code (requires Pybel, and the file SMARTS_InteLigand.txt):

import sys
import random

import pybel

def readsmartsfile(filename="SMARTS_InteLigand.txt"):
patterns = []
inputfile = open(filename, "r")
for line in inputfile:
line = line.strip()
if line and line[0]!="#":
colon = line.find(":")
name = line[:colon]
smarts = line[colon+1:].strip()
patterns.append([pybel.Smarts(smarts), name])
return patterns

phrases = ["I don't believe it, it's a %s!",
"Isn't that a %s?",
"It's a whadyamacallit, a %s.",
"Looks like a %s to me.",
"That there's a %s.",
"Most people wouldn't realise this is a %s.",
"It's a %s (or your money back).",
"Wow, a %s. Last time I saw one of these, I hit the"
"fire alarm and ran.",
"Could be a %s...yes, I'm sure of it.",
"It's a %s if I've ever seen one.",
"Wake up and smell the %s, cause that's what it is.",
"It's a %s. I wish I had one.",
"You've hit the jackpot, you and your %s!",
"A %s. You know, back in the day, we used to have"
"fun with these.",
"It takes me back years, this %s does."]

if __name__=="__main__":
if not len(sys.argv)==2:
sys.exit("You need a SMILES string like CC(=O)CCl")
molecule = pybel.readstring("smi", sys.argv[1])
print "So you want me to tell you about %s, do you?\n" % (
patterns = readsmartsfile()
print " ".join([random.choice(phrases) % name for
smarts, name in patterns if smarts.findall(molecule)])

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Unknown said...

That's as mad as a box of %s's, that is!