Friday, 5 October 2007

Bring PDB codes to life on web pages

Wouldn't it be nice if you could click on a PDB code on a web page and you could instantly see the actual structure in 3D? For example, you might be reading the HTML version of a paper which is discussing a particular protein structure.

Some time ago I wrote a Greasemonkey userscript to do just that. You can get it on the Blue Obelisk web site, as well as several other userscripts. Since I haven't previously mentioned it on this blog I thought I might do so now.

To avoid false positives, it only runs on web pages containing the words "protein", "pdb" or "enzyme". For any PDB codes found, it adds the appropriate link to Eric Martz's FirstGlance in Jmol site. For example, the PDB codes on this page are tranformed to:(The yellow Jmol links were added by the script)

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