Friday, 8 June 2007

Installing Mediawiki on Sourceforge

Installing Mediawiki on Sourceforge requires some extra effort compared to a normal Mediawiki installation, as Sourceforge restricts certain activites on the web server and you need to work around these. In case you ever need to do this, here is a summary of what I did when I installed Mediawiki for

Follow László Monda's instructions with the following changes:
  1. In Step 1, you should only download a version of Mediawiki that will run with PHP4 (since PHP5 is not available on Sourceforge). I used Mediawiki-1.6.7.
  2. Forget the line numbers in Step 3, just search for the relevant line. The text described as being on line 1125 did not exist in the file. Instead, you should change the line (line 383 in my installation):
    $conf->IP = dirname( dirname( __FILE__ ) );
    $conf->IP = "/home/groups/p/pr/projectname/htdocs/wiki";
  3. In Step 5, I used 'true' for $wgGroupPermissions['user']['edit']. You should place the logo in htdocs, and edit $wgLogo to point to "/mylogo.png", or whatever.

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Tyler Mandry said...

Thanks. There's one more though: in step 4.6, the session save path should be "/tmp/persistent/tmpdir/sessions" rather than "/tmp/persistent/tmpdir".